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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  April 5, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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and probably your port noel joe also. >> it's like watching crab grass grow over the last five years. >> gang, have a wonderful easter. that's it for "forbes on fox." thanks for watching. here is eric bolling. >> buying into a business's business, religious freedom laws for companies creating an uproar across the country. indiana and arkansas lawmakers adding anti-discrimination protections for the customers after that huge uproar, but should the government be telling business owners who they can and can't do business with? hi everyone, we will come to "cashin' in." wayne rogers, jonathan hoe anything, lisa booth and juan williams. religious freedom laws are meant to prevent the government from infringing on business owners' ability to exercise their religious believes. lisa, are you okay with that? >> i am. look you know i think, you know, the important point to make here is that the liberal
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left's dem going ri of this issue and dem going ri over the religious freedom restoration act is wholly inaccurate. the reality is that this law was set in place not to en shrine discrimination, but set in place to protect vulnerable religious groups like joe hoefs witnesses and the amish and mutts muslims. it's hypocritical that those criticizing the law are the ones who once supported it. senator chuck schumer or president obama or even liberal groups like the aclu. >> wayne, so walmart has said they have an issue with the law apple has said they have an issue with the laws. when businesses start pushing back i think the lawmakers it might not not a bad time for them to start fixing some of these laws. >> well, you're absolutely right, eric. you can't have it both ways and there was a federal law passed i believe signed by clinton that supports this position that's
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currently being challenged now. you can't -- the courts have got to decide and the lawmakers have god to decide one way or the other. this is a law that is casting ambiguity, it's got to be cleaned up and straightened out and make clear what it says so that the people can obey it properly. >> juan part of the problem with this situation is that there's a pizzeria in indiana who has come under death threats they had to close their doors because they were getting so many fake calls for pizza deliver wrees because they said not that they weren't going to serve is gay people, they said they didn't want to cater gay weddings that's a big distinction between the two. >> i don't know what the distinction is. it's basically look we don't want to do business with homosexuals. >> no, because they would serve gay people in the restaurant. >> they said they don't want to cater that's a form of business. i think historically when you look back at it people like lester mad docks an even ron paul have said they have a right in terms of their civil rights not to do business with people
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but the congress has said under the civil rights act you have got to abide by the laws interstate commerce, again the government says you have to abide by the laws of our country. it's just like a contract in business. that's the basis of american business. >> but, juan, in a free country eric, i think you should be allowed to discriminate against whomever you want for whatever reason you want. the whole idea we need laws to protect religious freedom, religious freedom is freedom including the freedom to be irrational, completely ear rish nl which is why this physician law is redundant and any laws against discrimination are immoral. >> lisa, let's say we have a intellectual conversation. if jonathan is right maybe things are happening the way they should with respect to this. a pizza owner says i don't want to cater a gay wedding and the backlash being people who don't want to do business with the pizza owner who won't cater a gay wedding bring their business elsewhere. >> you know, look and that's
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their choice, but here is the thing, the fact of the matter is that the law itself is being distorted by the liberal left and it's being distorted by the media. if you look with the religious freedom act has been in place for, you know -- or, sorry, the rfra has been in place for 20 years and never has it been used to circumvent civil rights law, they ever has it been used as an exemption an an ex ervgs empgs from discrimination law successfully successfully. what it set in place is to protect individuals like a native prescribe in texas there was a recent case -- >> excuse me i can't take any more. >> but that's the truth, juan. >> no, it's not the truth, lisa. >> yes, it is. >> wait, lisaeaseisalisa. hobby lobby supreme court said and what i suspect is your favor is saying that the government unless it has a substantial burden can not require an american business, family owned in this case, to provide contraception to a woman under
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the law. so that is specific and now what you have in indiana is unlike any othcause, again, they're saying it's not about government, it's about individuals. >> but, juan, isn't it the whole point i mean a private business, even if it serves the public isn't owned by the public. they have the right to serve whoever they want for whatever reason they want. juan, let me finish to get back to that point if they're irrational in their choices about who they serve if they say i don't want to bake a cake for a gay couple or serve a black guy they are the one that are going to have the consequences. >> new york state governor says all non essential business flights everything in indiana has to stop. he boycotted anything going on in indiana yet governor cuomo is going to visit cuba in a couple of months a place go gay marriage is illegal, hypocrisy all over the place in on this issue. >> here is the hypocrisy and
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there's going to be hypocrisy because politicians being politicians are catering to what they think is the popular vote for them. they don't care about what the law is or it is. they're going to say what they want to say about what they think it is. as i said earlier, this is a conflict. it's got to be decided either by the courts or by the lawmakers themselves and sooner or later they have to make it very clear so that the public knows what they can or cannot do. it's as simple as that. >> wayne just spoke the truth. god bless him. do you know what, this is about republicans pandering to the base governor of indiana and others before -- >> it's about freedom. >> no. look. eric, i'm glad that you brought up this hypocritical nature that's going on here. if you take a business like apple for instance, you know, apple ceo tim cook has made a huge deal, criticized rfra laws across the country, but apple does business in saudi arabia and china and in --
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>> and -- >> guys -- >> they do business in countries who have egregious rum rights records. >> wilco the alternative rock band said they weren't going to play their indianapolis show because of the rfra law. meanwhile, the next nine shows that they have are in rfra states florida, texas, tennessee and missouri. are they going to pull those concerts? i don't think so. >> they can play wherever they want and the audience has the right to go or not go. i think that's the whole point here. trade has to be win-win. for government to force anyone to invest or frequent a business or provide a service that that business doesn't feel like providing, that's the essential issue here. it has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with force in in a free economy. >> the force is that major american corporations, we're talking here about apple are saying we think this is bad for business. this is going to hurt our bottom
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line and that is -- that is why they're measuring these right wing politicians and by the way, jonathan, that dinner invitation you gave me what if i come and the restaurant owner says, i don't want you coming in here with that crazy looking liberal. what am i going to do? oh, well that's jonathan's law. >> let me answer. go down the street, juan. go down the street and it's their law because they don't have juan williams dining at their restaurant. >> there's no precedent to confirm what juan is saying. look, the pizza owner, specific business that we've referenced, they have never denied customers. the focal point of the matter is a reporter had actually heard that that business was a christian business and sought them out. >> quick thought go ahead wayne. >> i just want juan to know he can come over to my house and eat anytime. >> thank you. brother. >> wake up america by the way has become part of the main
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streen conservative opinion rice. approaching a staggering 400,000 stweets. state your opinion, make it strong at #wakeupamerica and you will be reaching millions of screens around the globe. sole survivor 60 says liberty brings equality. crystal says liberty is more important than equality and hair i can't tell baldwin nails it down saying get involved with plik at the local level know your representatives and study the constitution. amen, sister. coming up this could be the outrage story of the week, not only are we letting illegals in we may also be teaching them how to unionize once they get here.
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think the illegal immigration battle is tense now wait until americans hear this. our national labor relations board has agreements with mexico, ecuador and the philippines teaching immigrants how to unionize when they get to america, whether they come here legally or not and or not is part of the rob. juan, what about it? >> what this is about is global trade and in fact you have lots of liberals the far left in this country who objects to global trade deals and the administration wants one right now that's right on the table. they want to say we're teaching people how to unionize in their home countries. but the point is they are in favor of raising wages and union protections for workers overseas
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and to reduce the idea that any democrats and liberals would object to a trade deal. >> lisa, juan said that with a straight face. i saw him smiling just a little bit. the unions go over there and say here is how you can unionize and if you come over to america it works here too. >> that's exactly what's going on and i can't believe that juan was able to say that with a semi-straight face. you know the reality is that -- but this also season the first time that the nlrb has engaged in egregious activity or overreach. what is concerning is that these deals have been reached with can you be trees that provide some of the largest populations of immigrants and they are not discriminating between illegal immigrants and i'm grants. additionally high understanding is that they're also trying to provide some sort of safe wards georgia rds to illegal immigrants who potentially would be fired under the united states which they should if they declare that they were fired under the guise of union activism.
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>> john you are a fair game kind of guy. what about the rest of the country. canada is going hey, what about our illegals we'd like to unionize, too? >> eric, once again using the whole notion of immigration as a red herring for what is a government problem not an immigration problem. who is behind this? the nlrb, national labor relations board which is an arm of government specifically designed to give advantages to unions. so, you know, government shouldn't be teaching anyone anything and certainly not teaching unions how to unionize. that is cronyism on the highest level. >> wayne union membership in this country has been nose diving. they're trying to self-preserve themselves so they go outside the borders and see if they can bring some illegals in. >> that's true, eric, but the problem here is this is another example of the government falling all over itself it done know what it's doing. one arm of the government is saying one thing and the
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jurisdiction of another arm is saying something else. first of all, if a person is illegal under the present law and you discover that he is illegal that worker has to be fired. that's what the law says. now, whether you want to hire him or not, that's what the law says, you can't have the national labor relations board going around encouraging illegals to come into the country and unionize when the law already says you've got to fire him if you hire him. it's dumb. it's the federal government getting in front of itself and stepping on its own foot all over again. they ought to stay out of the whole thing. >> john go ahead. >> that's the whole point. the most prosperous era came before the nlrb and before all these handouts and interventions with erds approximate of high immigration. the nlrb it's not that it swroefr reaches, it shouldn't exist. government is supposed to be fair and street everyone the same. >> that's a good point. the question i wanted to ask juan if the nlrb is supposed to be independent, supposed to arbitrate these issues, why are
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they promoting the wruns to go out of the country and unionize in why would they get -- they're base dhee in the camp already. >> they're saying to people you can organize and protect your interests in your home country. in fact, i am amazed that you guys see this as -- >> why is our -- >> why is government involved in that? >> because we are doing business. this is a global economy and you cannot get away from that. this is not, you know -- >> juan -- >> just one last point to jonathan. that period when american wages and american workers did best, guess what the highest level of unionize. >> jonathan -- >> not in the late 1800s. >> haven't they already shown their hand? >> that's the whole point. why does the nlrb even exist? why does an arm of government that we are he a all paying for exist? simply to serve one group like unions. juan, you is a say it's good for globalization that we're teaching people in other
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countries how to unionize. if businesses want to deal with other countries they should. government shouldn't be involved in teaching them anything. >> harry reid had no problem lying to the american people about mitt romney. >> the word is out that he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years. let him prove that he has paid taxes because he hasn't. >> but wait until you hear how reid respond td to the question any regrets for thos
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welcome back. so harry reid is stepping aside from the senate after more than
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three decades in congress. remember when he dropped this bombshell lie at the most sensitive time in the 2012 presidential race? >> the rom niece can't do that because he has basically paid no taxes in the prior 12 years. >> when asked about this, about his lies from the senate floor, harry reid revealed exactly what kind of democrat leader he is. >> i don't regret that at all. >> some people have called it mic carty ite. >> they can call it whatever they want. romney didn't win, did he? >> wayne this is exactly why americans hate politics, this he will do anything, lie, cheat, steal, just to get what they want. >> that's true eric. he is a scumbag politician he is the worst. he stands for the worst things that we have in this country. a guy who will stand up on the floor of the senate, an you a gust unit of the government and lie deliberately knowing it's a lie and just for the purpose of
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political advantage. >> very harsh words. juan, you can't condone any of harry reid's actions, can you into err is this. >> no. i think that that's wrong. politics are hard ball, wayne. you think about harry reid's attack on the koch brothers on other repub doesn't like, he doesn't like clearly pom ri, doesn't like the idea of money being stoed overseas in the cayman islands so he played it. i agree with you, you can't lie. >> he can't play anything. he lied. >> excuse me. the terrible part about this is that he did it on the floor of the senate where he cannot be held for liable. that's why he does it, he uses the senate floor as the protection. he is a scumbag. >> go ahead john into it is power lust in the most ugly form. it's almost as if he is without conscious, without more or less and like many people this politics, the president including, will say anything, do anything to get what they want, even deceit. eric, i've got to tell you would you stand this kind of
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deceit from a college kid talking about his final exam? you would he can pell him or her. how harry reid can get away with it, i think it's -- >> unbelievable. >> harry reid is a lying liar it shouldn't surprise anyone from someone who has used the senate floor to campaign against the koch brothers who has made racist jokes and compared the tea spaert to an arcists. i've got one thing to say to harry reid, siaee ya. >> buy buy john stoourlt hello trevor noah, how the new host of the daily show can avoid his weekly whoopg here on "cashin' in."
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i want to say thanks to our "cashin' in" crew for joining us. you can head over to"cashin' in" to see jonathan and wayne's stock picks. john, very lib rachy. time to wake up america. remember when we had to school jon stewart here on "cashin' in." well, let me school you, mr. stewart, food stamps aren't just being used for food, a lot of clowns are withdrawing cash from ebt cards and spending it on booze, weed and lap dances. by the way swroon you're welcome to come on the show anytime to debate it. dummy. that didn't seth sit well with the liberal comedian. but the bell is about to ring, it's class dismissed for stewart, comedy central announcing kmed i don't know trevor noah is taking over "the daily show" thrown.
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i will be interested to see in noah continues his clooney liberal legacy. he pokes fun at things like american culture gender issues and race and being from south africa he has a pretty good perspective on those iron us about you for what it's worth here is some free advice to trevor. stick to your shtick and don't try to apiece the liberal laugh factory on the laugh. poke fun at america i get it that's your brand of humor, not mine, just saying how about you steer clear of washington hypocrisy, lekd ee firms, cronyism and the liberal attacks on the fabric of that's correct. that's my job and that's where stewart and i got into the slugfest lanes. he had his i have mine and he never caught on that. trevor, good luck with the new gig. just a party of time before the sweet soft embrace of liberal acceptance sucks you into her warm place box buzzfeed huffington post and so on. here is your warning shot i didn't back away from stewart, i
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won't back away from you, either. have a grade weekend, everybody. happy easter, america. david: have a wonderful holiday weekend, everybody. "the willis report" is next. gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis, and this is "the willis report." the show where consumers are our business. chrysler ordered to pay one of the largest jury awards in history. $150 million to the family of a 4-year-old killed in a crash. the case raises new questions about the safety of one of the most popular cars on the road. forget what the white house says, new employment numbers show how weak the economy is. >> obama-nomics isn't working. only 126,000 jobs created. gerri: also the irs ordered to release the list of tea party groups it targeted. it will comply? a self-driving car compl


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